What is a referral?

A referral is the way to start a process to gain your support. The referral lets us know you are looking for a service, and is to provide us with your contact details. Once we have your details we will arrange with you a convenient time to carry out your assessment.


What is an assessment?

One of our team will agree an appointment. The assessment is our opportunity to meet and to get to know each other. The assessment includes a series of questions regarding why you have contacted us. This will also be a good opportunity, for you to ask any questions you may have. The aim of the assessment is to agree with you:

– what service you would like
– how often
– what outcomes or goals you would like to achieve
– what support is required

The assessment can take place where you feel most comfortable and with friends or family to support the process if needed. We have our own office which you can visit or we can come to your home. We can also be flexible about the times and days we meet you, as we know how important it is to offer a flexible service.


What happens next?

After your assessment has taken place, one of our team will develop a plan from the information you have provided. We will then come back to you with the suggested plan and the cost. The plan is yours and therefore if you are not happy we can make changes until it meets your needs. Once the plan and costs are agreed we can agree a start date.



Once everything has been agreed you will be assigned a key-worker. This will be your contact person for all matters related to your support package. We are happy to provide you with profiles of our team detailing their experience, training, likes, and interests so you can be involved in the process of selecting who will be appointed as the key-worker. Once appointed the key-worker will provide you with details of when and how best to contact them.